Halo Engagement Rings

Halo engagement rings consists of many elements adding up to create a brilliant sparkle. Our favorite part is viewing all of its beauty come together before our eyes!

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“Can one have too many diamonds?” The answer is a resounding no. Especially when it comes to the Halo Engagement Rings from SJ Gems, which has an unrivaled shine that stands out above all others and captures people’s attention in every room you go into!

There have been hundreds of fads over the course of history, but it is interesting to note that one particular halo style ring has repeatedly appeared throughout time. Halo Engagement Rings date back to 1714-1837 in Europe which was a period marked by extreme luxury and royalty.

Halo Engagement rings are complex creations. In order to align the measurements perfectly, each diamond must be carefully selected and cut to fit along its edge. Our team of expert jewellers custom-craft your ring in such way that it wraps effortlessly around the center stone’s contour so as not obstructing light from hitting your center jewel giving you an amplified radiance like no other engagement rings seen before!

All women want to have a ring that is beautiful and represents the love they share with their partner. If you are looking for something unique, timeless, classic yet at the same time modern then look no further than this iconic Halo Engagement Ring collection- it’s everything all in one place!

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