Accentuate your Shine

Who could have thought that a solid form of carbon with a few atomic rearrangements would become one of the most precious gems in the world?

Diamonds are the best-known gemstone. Its history of use and great value extends thousands of years into the past. Diamonds has been the centre of intrigue, warfare, romance and tradition on a scale unequalled by any other gem. Diamond is the most romanticized and heavily marketed of all gemstones. Nearly every jewellery establishment handles diamonds, even if it has no other gemstones in stock. The annual world production of diamonds is on the order of 10 tons. Of course, only a small percentage of this is gem quality, but diamond of very fine quality is nowhere near as scarce high-quality ruby or emerald. The name comes from the Greek word adamas, meaning the hardest steel and hence the hardest gemstone. Diamond is also the gem that marks the 60th and 75th wedding anniversaries.