9 Unique engagement rings and why we love them

These unique engagement rings offer a distinctive twist on tradition! Your engagement ring is far more than just eye candy, it holds priceless sentimental value.  According to the Reader’s Digest, engagement rings date back as far as Ancient Egypt to show commitment, love and even wealth.  Your engagement ring needs to reflect your personality and style.  If you cannot to envisage yourself with a classic diamond ring have a look at these gorgeous settings.

unique engagement rings

Find inspiration for your unique engagement ring style

A unique engagement ring is just what the alternative bride-to-be needs to set herself apart from everyone else. We’ve been drooling over these ring settings. There is no limit to the number of stunning rings to choose from. Some settings use the classic cuts with a new twist. Others are throwing out the old rules all together! We’ve chosen our favourite rings, from vintage-inspired, gorgeous classics, modern, boho-chic or ultra-glamourous.

Here are our 9 favourite unique engagement ring settings:

Art Nouveau style

art nouveau style engagement rings

Even though the Art Nouveau period was relatively brief (1890 to 1910) it made a lasting impression on jewellery.  One of the key principles of the style was it should be part of everyday life.  Flowing curves and intricate linear designs are characteristic of Art Nouveau engagement rings.  Art Nouveau jewellers would work meticulously to create exquisite, show stopping jewellery pieces.  We love this style as it creates a soft, romantic and enchanting engagement ring.

Cluster style

Cluster Engagement Ring

What is a cluster engagement ring?  A cluster ring forms the appearance of a larger stone, with a number of smaller diamonds and gemstones.  A cluster ring is perfect for someone who loves combining different colours making something very special and unique.  With using a mix of gemstones, you can use a birthstone for each member of your loved one.  A cluster engagement ring will be sentimental and symbolic to the wearer.  Ideal for an unconventional bride, these stunning rings are conversation starters to say the least.

Geometric style

Geometric Engagement Ring

Geometric engagement rings are glamourous and elegant. Streamlined forms, smooth lines and geometric shapes are characteristic of geometric engagement rings.  We are fascinated by these geometric shapes!  We keep looking up more and more options!  From kite-shapes to hexagonal cuts, intricate, bold angular settings.  There will be a geometric ring that you will fall in love with!

Contemporary style

Contemporary Engagement ring

A Contemporary Engagement Ring takes full advantage of all latest technology.  This style makes use of new metal alloys and unique gemstones. Jewellers can now make intricate designs that was not previously possible.   This style is on the cutting edge of the fashion world.  Contemporary engagement rings are truly sleek and sophisticated demanding attention.   With sweeping curves, clean lines and sparking gems, these unique engagement rings showcase the best craftsmanship the industry has to offer.

Art Deco style

Art Deco Engagement Ring

Art Deco holds all features of the decorative arts and design from the 1920’s. Jewellery from this era was inspired by different world views and diverse cultures. These unique engagement rings have vibrant motifs, geometrical forms, clean lines and bright colours.  The stylish designs of Art Deco engagement rings are just as popular today as they were a century ago. 

Vintage style

Vintage Engagement Ring

A Vintage Engagement Ring is a stunning reminder of the past.  A vintage setting is more elaborate and fancy in comparison to a classic solitaire ring.  This genre of unique engagement ring incorporates detailed craftsmanship using milgrain and filigree. Because of its sleek and sophisticated style, alternative brides love vintage inspired jewellery. As unique as your love, vintage rings originate from a romantic era of the past.

Trilogy engagement ring style

Trilogy Engagement Ring

Trilogy engagement rings have three stones in its setting. After Prince Harry gave Meghan Markle a trilogy engagement ring this style became very popular! Originally given as an anniversary gift, they are becoming a widespread choice for an engagement ring. A three-gemstone engagement ring is a timeless look. The three gemstones symbolise the couples past, present and future. There are a number of creative ways to personalise your trinity ring. Along with symbolism, beauty and versatility, you get extra bling on your ring!


A unique engagement ring will be treasured for a lifetime!  You will love whatever ring your fiancé slips onto your finger. You can hint about the style that you have been dreaming of.

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