Ruby – fiery and captivating

There is something captivating about a fiery ruby that gets us all excited every time we see them!  Today, rubies are one of the most highly sought-after gemstones with fine specimens that command enormous prices.

The Colour And Symbolism of Ruby

ruby gemstone rings with red flowers

Like sapphire, they are also made of corundum and only come in one colour – red.  Red symbolizes our strongest emotions including love, passion and lust. The ruby has always been connected to these feelings and is seen as a symbol of love and passion. Its symbolism is ideal for an engagement ring.

ruby engagement ring with diamonds

What are the treatments for Ruby?

As you shop for a ruby, keep in mind that most stones found on the market have had some treatment.  There are different types and levels of heat treatment, all of which can dramatically affect the price.  Treatments can improve the colour and clarity, which make them more desirable in the consumer market. In a nutshell, “treated” means to alter the gemstone in some way in order to make it more beautiful.
The technique of heat-treating rubies has been used for centuries. The gemstone is heated to extreme temperatures of around 1,800 degrees and dissolve the inclusions. This improves the clarity and colour.  No other additives have been added to the process and the gem is as durable as the unheated version.
The gem is coated in a flux material during the heating process. The flux material melts and penetrates any cracks or fissures within the gem. This will improve the clarity by filling in the cracks, but it will decrease the value of the stone.
Glass Filled gemstones, also known as ‘composite rubies’, are the newest and most commonly seen treatment. Low grade rubies are bleached and then heated with the addition of a liquid glass. This glass penetrates the Ruby and improves the clarity by reducing the number of visible cracks on the surface. This treatment is not very stable as temperature changes, ultrasonic cleaners and shock can damage the lead glass.

How durable is ruby?

One of the most important factors is that rubies have excellent durability. Durability is extremely important for engagement rings and daily wear as it will need to last the test of time.  Ranking 9 on the Mohs scale, rubies are second in hardness only to diamonds and have excellent wearability.

In addition, they are extremely tough and contain no cleavage, meaning that they are not prone to breaking or chipping. It’s perfect for all lifestyles, including active and outdoor lifestyles and excellent for daily wear.

What is the value of Ruby?

Currently, they are the most valuable gemstones because of their rarity and high demand. The most expensive coloured gemstone sold at auction was the Sunrise Ruby. A stunning gemstone that broke records as it sold for over 30 million dollars. And the value of rubies keeps increasing as more people choose them as an investment stone.
Rubies make a great investment if you purchase prudently. Not all are equal, and you will have to consider the origin, colour, clarity and treatments.

How rare is Ruby?

Rubies are much rarer than diamonds and sapphires. A fine high-quality stone is very expensive and very rare to find. The best quality is found in Burma and Kenya and have what is known as the ‘pigeon blood’ red colour.
Due to the rarity of fine rubies, most rubies on the market are heat treated to attain a desirable colour.  While this is a common industry practice, vendors should disclose to you whether the stone has been treated. An untreated natural gemstone is of course more valuable than a treated stone.

A ruby is perfect for those wanting a gorgeous captivating stone. It makes a beautiful alternative for engagement and eternity rings. Rubies are a 9 on the Mohs hardness scale making it second only to diamond and suitable for everyday wear.

Rubies, the personification of sophisticated style.  Their remarkable brilliance and fiery nature make rubies a stunning alternative to the classic diamond ring. SJ Gems offers a large collection of gem quality rubies for sale.

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